Dining in Lake Tahoe

Dining in Lake Tahoe

You can forget about sandy beaches and scenic golf courses, you may not be eager for cross-country skiing and snow tubing, you may miss a fun night in the casino, but you will never ever overlook eating. Eating is necessary, dining, on the other hand, is a pleasure.

Lake Tahoe has its share of cafés, bars, and restaurants; it is not exactly a hardship to indulge in a gastronomic escapade by dining in different establishments for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Try Tep’s Villa Roma if you are craving for fettuccine alfredo, pasta, chicken, steak, veal, and fresh fish. A favorite in this Italian restaurant is its considerable eat-all-you-can antipasto bar for soup and salad.

For beachfront dining, go to Beacon Bar and Grill faring American Continental dishes. It is ideal for a weekend brunch. Ernie’s Coffee Shop, however, is the perfect place for a breakfast of home-cooked American meal.

If you are up to some sushi, fine Sake, and similar exotic delicacies, head to Naked Fish and practice your chopstick skills. On the other hand, if the kids want to stick to steak, settle for a middle ground. Chart House serves both steak and seafood in one of the prettiest view of Lake Tahoe.

Fair Warning: Be ready to experience an epiphany when you are dining in one of the restaurants in Lake Tahoe.